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The first virtual assistant scheduling app for a shop

Running PRIORITY in a real shop

PRIORITY knows everything that's happening in your shop

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We go above and beyond with features you won't find in other apps

Priority and your Shop Branding

Customers launch into a custom app for your shop in one tap

Running your shop with PRIORITY

Watch PRIORITY running in a real shop

Priority automatic scheduling

PRIORITY will handle all of your walk-ins automatically

Your customer will love PRIORITY

PRIORITY lets your customers know up to the minute how long their wait is


PRIORITY - How does a customer do walk-in?

Customers use a KIOSK in your shop

How do customers sign-in with PRIORITY


PRIORITY - How do I see how much money I have made?

Your customer will love PRIORITY

How do I see who is on my calendar


PRIORITY - How does the revenue generating option work?